There are some pretty cool products out there that make the pencil a visually and kinetically amazing utensil. Allow these cool products inspire you.

The Aurora display case from Fellisimo takes your coloured pencils one step further. A storage solution which creates pretty cool wall art. I'm not sure if I could bring myself to use them, but think it would actually make it look even more cool.

I love these Midori brass pencil holders at Present and Correct. Kicking it old school.

Rainbow pencils by Duncan Stotten are my favourite, They make me so incredibly happy. Made from recycled papers, when you sharpen them, you get tiny little rainbows. Love it.

I'll take anything from Studio ...who want you to "feel the weight of words". Their mechanical pencils, pens and accessories are so stunning.

As an ex smoker, I can appreciate this pencil and wish I had one when I was kicking the habit. Sized at three and a half inches, this No Smoking pencil looks just like a smoke, but is a lot healthier. Available at CW Pencil Enterprise

The Penxo lead pencil reimagines the conventional mechanical pencil by simplifying its design down to its core elements and function. The main concept behind it: simplicity. With no moving parts, Penxo’s brushed metal construction clamps around the lead, which prevents it from sliding out. 


And just to throw it back to childhood and the 80's... the twisty pencil at Student Supply. This takes me back to a happy place.