putting kids up front

I was very happy to be given the opportunity to work with Kids Up Front again this year on their Annual Report. It has been 8 years, and it is amazing to see how they grow each and every year. While I work on the layout and touch up photos,  I not only learn more about them and what they do, but also the amazing businesses and corporations that are so invested in bringing smiles to kids faces.

Kids Up Front is happy to receive ticket donations to events throughout the city. It makes sense... if you have tickets that you are unable to use, donate them so that the seats get filled!


In the words of Kids Up Front: "We turn tickets into smiles. Really, really big ones. When you donate your tickets to Kids Up Front, we pass them on to kids who might never get the chance to see their sports heroes live, go to a concert or spend the day learning and laughing at the ROM or AGO.

With your help, we’re able to share these true Toronto experiences with children who usually sit on the sidelines. Yes, they get a day they’ll remember forever. But they also get to experience the feeling of being part of something bigger – part of the amazing city we call home.

An amazing organization, doing amazing things. To find out more, visit Kids Up Front.



instagram :: paper

Instagram is an amazing place. I love seeing what people are doing... Whether it be showcasing their talent, relaxing in their favourite chair sharing their view, or documenting their travels. I often think how isolated my brain would have been without social media... there is so much out there to see!  So I thought I would share a few of my favourites.

The following three share the love for the paper medium. Paper can be transformed in so many ways, and these three are all so talented and inspiring.

Madamoiselle Maurice

Madamoiselle Maurice

French artist Madamoiselle Maurice combines two loves of mine: paper and street art. Her "origami street art" masterpieces have a connection with the events of March 11, 2011 in Japan and the story of Sadako Sasaki and the folding of 1000 cranes. I am mesmerized by her work. I love how it is delicate and raw.

Instagram: @mademoisellemaurice  .  online:  mademoisellemaurice.com

Amaranthus Paper Flora

Amaranthus Paper Flora

Amaranthus Paper & Flora specializes in handcrafted crepe paper flowers, and I love seeing the creations they make. I think they're beautiful, and after finding out the heart and soul behind their bouquets, I love them even more! Those with cancer and other serious illnesses who suffer from Immunosuppression cannot receive live flowers or plants due to the risk of infection. Enter Amaranthus Paper & Flora- who also donates bouquets to those fighting for their life. Beautiful inside and out.

Instagram: @amaranthuspaperflora  .  online: amaranthuspaperflora.com

Hoang Tien Quyet

Hoang Tien Quyet

Hoang Tien Quyet is an origami wizard from Vietnam. His work makes me smile and makes my jaw drop at the same time. His passion for origami shines so brightly. He started as a small boy and found joy in making his own toys.... a brilliant small boy! I am very thankful for his years of patience, inspiration and honing his craft... his work is truly magnificent.

Instagram: @htquyet  .  online: htquyet.origami.vn

photos above from artists Instagram.