sticky notes

Sticky notes. What would my world be without them? Very chaotic and extremely boring that's for sure. I love the boundaries that are being pushed so that the amazing sticky note becomes something both functional and creative...

Fruit sticky notes from D-Bros come as a pear and apple 

I simply love these Mondrian inspired sticky note collection from pa design. It's Mondrian in 3D.

I could be a little too distracted with these fun sticky notes at The Japan Trend Shop. If my cat were still alive, I'm sure she would wear a few pairs. :)

One thing I love to create while I'm busy over at Jonesy, are sticky notes. These bike ones are a favourite.

These Leafy sticky notes from Mochithings are so pretty when all of your notes and ideas create something organic. MochiThings has a lot of cool sticky notes...

These 3D butterfly sticky notes from SUCK UK are decorative as much as they are note takers. Perfect as little page markers, notes as well as adding a little fun to your workspace.